Transitioning floors, earthy textures and neutral palettes – a gorgeous design project!

Transitioning floors, earthy textures and neutral palettes – a gorgeous design project!

As a company, we receive great satisfaction in seeing our customer’s final project installations. We love to watch visions come to life and we’re continually captivated with how every customer puts their own unique stamp on their interior designs when using our products, and this couldn’t ring truer than with this case study.


Last November, we were fortunate enough to be welcomed into Bridget's, one of our lovely customers, home. Bridget worked closely with her architect and builder (Tim Williamson HFA and Graham Hay NJW) to create a truly gorgeous house, based in Original Style’s hometown of Exeter.

Bridget's home oozed sophistication and elegance from the moment we walked onto the driveway – ‘let alone the front door! An interior style which reflects classic modern with a touch of minimalism has been successfully integrated and her home is simply stunning.

The entire property displays clean lines and what’s worth noticing is Bridget’s full utilisation and attention to detail with the use of our tiles. For the purpose of creating a continuous flow, she’s used them as a transitioning tool from one space into another; as demonstrated below with our Arbo wood-effect tiles.

Bridget has very cleverly positioned these tiles to mimic a fluid walkway from the ensuite bathroom into the bedroom – creating two completely separate spaces even though no doors are present. These Arbo tiles then continue through the bedroom into the hallway, again adding to the uninterrupted synergy throughout her home.

From a practicality perspective, our Arbo tiles are available in a slip-resistant finish meaning that they’re suitable for use in wet areas. This benefit means that these tiles are perfect for use as a transitioning tool whether you’re looking to integrate continuous movement from a bathroom, as Bridget has done, or even a stylish outdoor space into a living area.

The transitioning theme is continuous throughout Bridget’s property. Smaller ensuite bathrooms feature Concretissyma Grigo, a stunning concrete-effect floor tile, which has also been integrated into the skirting; again achieving an almost seamless flow and fully utilising the beauty of these tiles.

The colours present throughout Bridget’s property are charmingly neutral with subtle earthy and industrial textures such as wood and concrete. This colour palette is also embraced within the stunning walk-in shower which features Montblanc in White. As shown below, this space portrays a modern minimalist style with the transparency of the glass screen and contemporary shower fitting.    The other end of the shower displays our Pearl Brickbond mosaics, which provides a gorgeous finish and perfectly complements the surrounding light grey and white tones.

The attention to detail throughout Bridget’s home is extemporary and it’s the little finer touches which have really made all the difference to the overall look and feel throughout the property. The end result is stunning and we’re very pleased to have been able to share this project with you.

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