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Home to all Original Style tile ranges, below you’ll find our library of brochures available to download in the US. From contemporary choices in Tileworks through to our iconic Victorian Floor Tile range, browse through our varied collections and let us inspire your project.

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Cherished range of rich, glazed wall tiles in a number of formats.

Victorian Floor Tiles

Individual geometric floor tiles that make up a wide range of contemporary and traditional patterns.


Wall tiles in a variety of formats and mouldings, all with unique undulating glazes that create a rustic feel.


The renaissance of the small, patterned tile format. Décor brings the beauty of our contemporary pattern designs to more traditional tiles. 


These patterned, large-format tiles will transform the walls in your home.


Patterned wall and floor tiles
inspired by travel and history.


Wide range of gorgeous mosaics made from glass, stone and even pearl.

Core Collection

Created for the American market, these wall tiles come in various formats, in neutral tones.


Glass wall tiles in bright colours, decorative finishes and metallic hues.

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