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Commercial and Hospitality Projects

As a leading world manufacturer of tiles, we have a wide range of business-to-business customers in the US, Europe and around the globe. 

  • Hospitality tiles: We've supplied a number of major hotels, spas, pubs, and restaurants with beautiful tiles that fit their brand. 
  • Grocery & retail tiles: Shopping malls and superstores may be looking for high-traffic floor tile. Clothing, decor, convenience and other shops may seek similar tiles, or more specialty heritage or designer tiles. 
  • Institutional tiles: Institutions including churches, schools, train stations, airports, hospitals and government agencies come to us for our range of tile solutions. 
  • Tile Retailers: Original Style Dealers continue to be selectively added to our worldwide network


From shopping malls to spas, businesses looking for excellent tile products and attention to detail come to us for tile solutions. Whether you need tiles with your logo or tiles for your hotel's swimming pool, we would like to discuss with you your options. Contact us to get started. 

Below are a few sectors where we offer additional specialised services: 


Heritage Projects

Your restaurant, hotel or estate will feature the traditional look of Original Style heritage designs. Whether remodeling or new build, when finished it will have the feel of a different century. Read more.

Commercial Safety Floor Tiles

Airports, restaurants, schools, shops and other facilities need hard-wearing tiles that are textured, economical and environmentally friendly. Read more. 

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