Tile of the Year 2021

Tile of the Year 2021

We’re delighted to reveal our Tile of the Year for 2021; Hawthorn Yellow, from the Victorian Floor Tile Collection!

Heritage, geometric Victorian Floor Tiles are a timeless interior trend and now the options are even more attractive with the contemporary, pastel tones of Hawthorn Yellow - the must have tile for 2021.

As part of our iconic Victorian Floor Tile Collection, Hawthorn Yellow comes in a variety of shapes and can be teamed with a number of colourways to create a new dynamic with a fresh appeal. Hawthorn Yellow’s soft, muted tones evoke joy, and work well with a wide range of shades, from whites, greys, and, browns to pastel shades such as pink and green. We’ve created three beautiful settings, showcasing a variety of patterns in various colour options featuring Hawthorn Yellow.

‘Braemar’, as seen above, is one of our more traditional patterns, but by selecting the right tones you can create as much or as little impact as you wish. Here we’ve teamed Hawthorn Yellow with Dover White to highlight the subtle yellow tones and add warmth and depth whist creating a fun and modern look.

Featured below in our ‘Brighton’ pattern are Hawthorn Yellow, Holkham Dune and Dover White. These tones complement one another to build a rich, yet contemporary tapestry of colour. This bold floor is perfect for those looking to add a modern twist on a classic design and create an interior with timeless style and a Scandi-vibe. 

While Victorian Floor Tiles are traditionally used on floors we’re now seeing homeowners using them on their walls too. We’ve coordinated Hawthorn Yellow, Dover White and Chester Mews using our smallest triangle shape to create this intricate, geometric pattern to inspire those looking for something a little bolder.


To find out more about our entire Victorian Floor Tile range, take a look at the full brochure. You can also head to your nearest retailer for samples, advice and ideas.

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