The Path to Perfection

The Path to Perfection

Nothing says “welcome to our house” quite like a beautiful, inviting front path. That’s why we were thrilled to work with 2LG Studio on their front garden transformation, which featured products from two of our most cherished collections – Victorian Floor Tiles and Artworks.

Victorian Floor Tile pathway can completely transform a home, adding kerb appeal and value to a property.  And, with the emergence of the ‘New Heritage’ trend, you don’t have to live in a Victorian or Edwardian home to embrace traditional tiling. Mixing the old with the new and putting a modern twist on a classic is what this trend is all about and what better way to encapsulate on this style than through incorporating Victorian Floor Tiles into a contemporary setting. “How?” you may ask - well, these tiles work beautifully in modern porches, pathways as well as hallways and by opting for a classic colour palette such as monochrome or beige and nudes, these tiles will never look out of place.
Jordan and Russell - the London-based design duo from 2LG Studio – decided on an original approach featuring modern greys for the front path and deep, dark blue Artworks tiles on their porch walls. While remaining inspired by Victorian features, they created a pathway with a cool and modern, almost urban vibe, but kept it true to its origins. They also used our traditional mouldings on the walls, which look fantastic against their gorgeous, playful, pink front door. Through combining modern styling with the traditional, they’ve created a stand-out entrance that turns heads and encourages a smile from passers-by.

2LG’s front garden project showcases that the attractiveness of a property is not based solely on its interior. The surrounding space is equally important - especially when looking to sell. Making a good first impression starts outside, as the front path and entrance are the first things a potential buyer will see. It is also an area that is constantly exposed to guests, neighbours, and…you, the homeowner, on a daily basis – so, why not make the effort to make it look grand?!

“We think of the pathway as a visitor’s journey into our world. It starts right then and there, before they enter the house, and we wanted to make that journey enjoyable.” Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, 2LG Studio. “We were looking for a solution which would elevate the property’s heritage and period features, but would also stand the test of time both in terms of durability and looks. Original Style’s heritage collections – Victorian Floor Tiles and wall tiles from the Artworks range – were the perfect answer to our long list of demands, including high quality and being able to create a bespoke design.”

No matter whether your property has a small, medium or large approach, there are ways to make the front path and porch stand out. The easiest and most practical option is to use tiles that are not only stunning, but also work well outdoors. If your goal is to recreate a Victorian pattern as a nod to the home’s history, opt for a classic colour combo, using black, buff and red. Original Style’s Victorian Floor Tiles are the real deal – they come in traditional colourways and a variety of patterns, making it possible to achieve any period look and restore the tiled area to its former glory. Pair these with traditional glazes from the Artworks range and you’ll end up with a scheme that’s elegant and timeless.

To read more about 2LG Studio's front garden renovation, head to their journal. If you're interested in our Victorian Floor Tile collection, please contact your nearest Original Style retailer.

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