A designer's insight into Victorian Floor Tiles

A designer's insight into Victorian Floor Tiles

The beauty of Victorian Floor Tiles rarely ceases to amaze us, but when we came across this extraordinary project by Cherie Lee Interiors - an interior design consultancy based in Hertfordshire and London - we were truly wowed. The awe inspiring design is utterly sensational and we were eager to delve into the mastermind behind this beautiful interior scheme.

Upon approaching Cherie, we were keen to find out a little bit more about her business and her projects whilst investigating her thoughts on Victorian Floor Tiles and why she chose to integrate them into this beautiful home;

Q. Can you provide us with some background into Cherie Lee Interiors? A. We’re well-known for blending classic, period features with contemporary, modern styling. We’ve established an impressive portfolio of listed and conservation buildings across the Home Counties and London but work with a broad spectrum of properties, including new build and commercial premises. I like to ensure that each property designed reflects the personality and lifestyle of the client, focusing on how the space will be used and what is required from it. Our hard work results in luxurious and stunning properties, but also homes that are functional and meet the exact needs of the client. My team and I favour an approachable and relaxed design environment as this allows clients to be honest and upfront about their requirements. We lead all initial design enquiries with an in depth consultation which will then follow on with implementing the scheme to exacting standards, to an agreed budget and timeframe.

Q. Who is the Cherie Lee Interiors client? A. The CLI client is passionate about their home and lifestyle.  They are often high achievers and want their home environment to work for them. They have an understated sense of style but an appreciation for luxury and high quality design.

Q. Do clients request Victorian Floor Tiles or is it you who pitches them? What kind of properties benefit from VFT installations? A. At CLI we have a real passion for period homes. We therefore try to ensure that the floors we specify for a property have a sense of age to them. This applies to both timber floors and tiles. The Victorian Floor Tiles allow us to make a bold statement but that is very much in keeping with the properties that we work on. This, in turn, gives the flexibility to incorporate more contemporary features, such as lighting, without feeling that we are losing the character of the home.

Q. Would you say there are any specific interior design trends that could be highlighted for 2020? Is there anything that you could pinpoint in the tile world? A. Interior trends can be great but, ultimately, we favour home designs that either solve an issue within the property or will stand the test of time. For example, we enjoy using Crittall-style screens internally within the home. This is not because they’re necessarily trend related, but because they allow us to improve sociability of space, flow of light and create the illusion of larger, more open plan spaces, without sacrificing the ability to shut areas off. This trend has allowed us create beautiful homes. It is a bonus for us that the understated, slightly industrial look appeals to us too!

Q. Do you re-use the same, known brands across various projects, even if they are very different in style? A. I think there is a lot to be said for working with brands that you know and trust. If we and a client have received good service from a brand, it reflects well on all parties and makes life so much easier. The same or similar products can be used and paired in so many different ways and the overall look and feel created can be completely different. Therefore, using a supplier more than once is not a concern for us.

Q. Are clients and their preferences different depending on which part of the country they live in? A. I would say that the preferences of the client do vary depending on the area that their property is situated, but also the age of the home. We are always cautious not to impose a style on a home that is not in keeping with it. For example, traditional Georgian or Victorian features in an entirely new build home.  It is important that the architecture of the home and the internal style work together. In terms of location, a period home in a rural setting often favours a more laid back, casual approach to the home aesthetic. Whereas London based properties tend to have more formality to them. It really is a case of being led by the property and its surroundings.

Q. What would you say to your younger self before embarking on the exciting journey of establishing your own design studio? Would you have done anything differently? A. I wish I had started a career in design earlier! I was a Lawyer in the City until 2012 and although this has given me lots of valuable skills, such as researching, attention to detail, ability to work a strict deadline etc. doing something that you enjoy and feel lucky to do every day is the best feeling!

To see more projects by Cherie Lee Interiors, take a look at their website.

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