Introducing our new Artworks glazes

Introducing our new Artworks glazes

The captivating story behind our Artworks collection starts in 1986, primarily developed as a collection of tile sets for cast iron fireplaces, the range has grown to offer distinctive glazed wall tiles in different shapes and sizes. Hand-crafted decorated tiles and borders and recreated masterpieces inspired by art and architecture from many eras.

Our Artworks collection has stood the test of time, offering glossy wall tiles with unique, reflective glazes and a heritage feel. We take care to ensure our ranges offer timeless classics, some of our glaze recipes have been in use for decades and developing new colours is a meticulous and extensive process.

This year, our expert teams have been working on four new colours to the Artworks collection to offer a wider colour palette that appeals to traditional and more contemporary tastes. We’ve focused on opening Artworks up to another customer base, offering shades like Duchy Pink and Ascot Blue for those looking to add a contemporary twist with a traditional feel, while staying true to the heritage of the range.

Artworks Ascot Blue

Ascot Blue

Ascot Blue offers a vivid yet contemporary shade of blue, whilst still maintaining the rich feel all of our Artworks tiles embody. With grey undertones, Ascot Blue offers a cooler tone, perfect for those looking to create a traditional scheme with a modern twist.

Designed to coordinate effortlessly with neutral tones such as Vintage White from the Artworks collection, or used in more bold, colourful settings, Ascot Blue is a liveable and calming colour that suits all spaces.

Artworks Teapot Brown

Teapot Brown

The revival of rich, heritage tones inspired us to create the Teapot brown glaze. Traditional in feel this colour is a great choice for those looking to restore period properties to their former glory. Its retro feel is also great for those with an eclectic taste, looking to add a traditional twist.

We’ve styled Teapot Brown in a bathroom setting, using a combination of half tiles, skirting tiles and mouldings to create a classic feel.

Artworks Ochre


Warm, golden tones make Ochre a brilliant choice for those looking to add character and depth to a space. Ochre features mustard yellow hues, inspired by natural earth toned pigments.

This warm shade pairs naturally with Jet black and Vintage White to create a striking space with traditional accents. Available in all Artworks formats, Ochre provides the opportunity to create a range of schemes.

Artworks Duchy Pink

Duchy Pink

Featuring rich pink tones Duchy Pink has a warm, vintage rose appeal, perfect for those looking to create a traditional scheme with a gentle pop of colour.

While it suits period styles, Duchy Pink is also a great choice for those looking to inject a contemporary, avant-garde style within their homes. Pair with vintage textures, classic fixtures and fittings and antique style frames for an eclectic look with enduring style.


Find out more about these new collections in our Artworks Brochure here. For more inspiring tips and ideas head over to our Pinterest and Instagram pages @originalstyleuk.

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