Heritage Hallways | Create a timeless welcome with geometric, Victorian Floor Tiles

Heritage Hallways | Create a timeless welcome with geometric, Victorian Floor Tiles

The hallway is the first room you and your guests see when entering your home, so it’s worth investing in the design to make a great first impression. This room can sometimes be overlooked as one of the less frequently used rooms in the home. But opting for hard-wearing yet beautiful geometric floor tiles is a great way to add character as well as practicality.

Victorian Floor tiles are renowned for decorating the floors of period properties. From simple chequerboard pathways to detailed porches and entryways, this style of geometric tiling has never gone out of style.

Our Victorian Floor tile patterns are made up of individual pieces such as squares, rectangles, triangles and hexagons in many sizes and colours. This allows for the creation of lots of pattern options like the classic octagon-dot and more complex layouts, that incorporate a number of pieces. It also helps for those working with older properties where walls and floors may be a little uneven, the small, individual tiles allow for greater flexibility on installation and can be cut to fit tricky spaces.

Our Victorian Floor Tile collection is produced using similar production techniques to their original counterparts, which adds to their authentic charm and means they will last for generations to come. To create something truly unique, explore our range of decorative drop in tiles to really set off the look.

If you have a dark hallway, it might be worth leaning into a more atmospheric style with dark walls and a contrasting floor. A really important part of selecting your Victorian Floor Tiles is taking some time to look and feel samples. You can create your own mood-boards, play around with shapes and colourways and start to think about which pattern you will go for.

Choose from a variety of colours including traditional Buff and Red, classic Black and White, contemporary greys and even pastel tones. These colours are designed to work together and complement each other in order to create a range of pattern options.

Whatever your taste, Victorian Floor Tiles can act as the foundation to build upon. While some designs may be seen as complex and bold, the designs can be paired with a variety of schemes. To really express your style go for bold wallpaper, complementary paint colours and playful accessories and create a gorgeous, eclectic space as pictured above. Or, if you prefer neutral interiors, pare back a bold pattern with light walls and fresh lighting.

…So if you’re thinking of installing Victorian Floor tiles in your home or just want to find out more about our iconic range, take a look at our brochure and find your nearest retailer here.

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