A bold bathroom makeover with @tinyandthehouse

A bold bathroom makeover with @tinyandthehouse

We love a home transformation, especially when it features a fabulous tiled focal point! When Jac who runs @tinyandthehouse on Instagram reached out to us with a unique tiling vision, we knew we had to work with her on her exciting bathroom project. 

Jac’s loft bathroom project was a tricky space, but with careful planning and a keen eye for design, Jac created the perfect bathroom for her and her family using our Artworks Pavillion Green and Vintage White tiles. We caught up with Jac to find out all about how she designed the space.

Original Style: Please could you tell us a little bit about you and your blog/Instagram account, Tiny and the House? How did it all start and how have your platforms grown to where they are today?

Jac: I started my Instagram account back when I was on maternity leave with my first child.  I am a shoe designer, but I’ve always had a passion for interior and garden design.  My house was featured in The Times property and from there other magazines followed! Off the back of the interest, a few close friends encouraged me to start an account to share my home and garden and pursue my dream of designing interiors and gardens, which I am now starting to do - so it’s a very exciting time for me!

Original Style: Tell us about your property, do you know when it was built? Does it have any interesting history?

Jac: My home is an Edwardian period property, I think it’s about 110 years old, which I find crazy.  There’s a lot of history in this house but not all of it good!  The house was actually passed through one family until we bought it back in 2014, sadly the family members we took over from hadn’t treated it very well so it was a full renovation project for us, but I loved it!  The house had no heating, the roof was falling in, needed rewiring and the windows were all boarded up, there are no words to describe how bad it was. We loved it regardless and just wanted to bring it back to life.

Original Style: What made you opt for this style of property?

Jac: I love period properties and we don’t have a lot of houses like this where I’m from in the west of Northern Ireland so when I moved to London, I was obsessed with the idea of having my own London terrace.

Original Style: What would you say is your interior style and what were the main objectives of your bathroom project?

Jac: I find it hard to put my style in a category, I love so many different looks from maximalist to minimalist and cosy cottage to mid-century. I also love colour and florals but equally simple white - so I guess I will say I’d fit into eclectic!  What I do love is creating a stylish but cosy home that can be lived in and enjoyed. The main objectives for the loft bathroom were something classic which would stand the test of time but not boring, whilst being fun. I wanted to keep it clean and simple because it’s the loft is an open plan space; therefore, I didn’t want it to be too fussy.


Original Style: Where did you find the inspiration for your bathroom?

Jac: I looked for imagery of old attic spaces, I wanted to make the space feel established and not like a new part added on that didn’t fit.  I used Pinterest and Instagram mainly for inspiration, I also love House and Garden magazine!

Original Style: What made you choose Original Style’s Artworks tiles in Pavillion Green and Vintage White?

Jac: I was tempted to go for this style of checkerboard tiling in my other bathroom, toilet or kitchen when we initially renovated but for some reason I didn’t and I really regretted it. I had never shaken the idea, but again almost didn’t do it for fear it would be too bold.  Each time I tried to commit to a simpler style I just couldn’t place the order, I think I knew I would regret it again. 

I love green, it’s one of my favourite colours, it reminds me of Ireland and my love for gardening, I find it quite restorative, soothing and very comforting.  I love how light bounces off the glazed Edwardian Green tiles and really adds joy to a room.  The Vintage White tiles were the perfect pairing as they are softer and warmer than true white. The glossy finish of these tiles adds depth to a scheme for an elevated finish.

Original Style: Why did you opt for Mosaic floor tiles?

Jac: I love subtle detail, the mosaic floor tiles complimented the rest of the bathroom. They look beautiful without competing for attention

Original Style: How important were the tiles in your bathroom project and what was it that you found appealing about them?

Jac: The tiles really take centre stage in my bathroom scheme, I just adore them.  They make me feel happy every time I look at them.  The quality is just superb, and I love that the edges are glazed too, so no need for additional finishing edging which could spoil the look.

Original Style: What advice would you give to people looking to incorporate statement tiles within their interior?

Jac: I would advise people to be bold, don’t be scared of colour or statements!  Sometimes committing to something more attention grabbing can work better than just doing a small area, for example in my shower I have tiled the roof as well as the walls, it just works.  I would also say homes are so personal, work to your taste, don’t try to emulate someone else’s style or be concerned if others don’t like it.  Not many people I know thought I should tile like I did and I’m so glad I went with it. I love it.

Original Style: How long did the project take and did you use a professional to install the tiles, if so why was this important?

Jac: The loft took about 6-7 months to complete, the project did run over due to lots of reasons. We hired a tiler because we were using a very old part of the house to make a new space, no wall was straight or symmetrical – we definitely needed someone very skilled! The tiler underestimated the space, mid-project I think he was regretting it but by the end I think he was very happy.  It was an interesting and unusual space so a good challenge!


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