Styling Wildflower Rose

Styling Wildflower Rose

One of the things we love most about Wildflower Rose, our Tile of the Year for 2022, is its versatility and potential to create a variety of different looks. Its gorgeous, floral print lends itself to both modern and traditional interior décor schemes and one of the easiest, most-effective ways to style this distinctive tile is through different paint combinations.

For our Tile of the Year 2022 campaign, we’ve teamed up with COAT Paints – a fellow producer of British-led design – and we asked Rob Green, COAT Paints Co-founder, what people should consider when styling Wildflower Rose and what colourways he would suggest to best utilise this unique tile design.

Firstly, how important is it to select the perfect complementary paint for your chosen tiles?

Super important. Paint has the authority to finish the room and transform the vibe of a space. Your paint colour can accentuate the tiles, draw your eye to certain tones, and sit comfortably in the background. It can be bold and contrasting, or soft and matching, allowing your tiles to blend in as one”.

What paint colours would you recommend for Wildflower Rose and why?

With a multitude of soft hues in Wildflower Rose’s print, there are a number of tones to pick up on and complement. For those with period-style homes looking to incorporate a more classic feel, the most obvious paint pairing would be our ‘Adulting’. Beautifully unapologetic, Adulting is a deep teal green with a big mortgage to pay. Tonally, this colourway plays well with the foliage in Wildflower Rose and delivers a sophisticated look with grey undertones.

For a scheme that’s more spirited, picking up the blush elements will really showcase the tile detail with an added luxurious look. Our ‘Festival Eve’ paint is like staring at a twilight sky - this dusty pinky purple is waiting on the headline act which, in this case, is Wildflower Rose”.

For someone looking for a country-cottage look but with a contemporary twist, what paint pairing would you suggest?

Again, for a more modern vibe, we would suggest focusing on the blush tones. If Festival Eve is a little too much for your décor scheme, we’d strongly suggest opting for a more muted tone such as our ‘Ciao, Sofia’. This shade of pink is slightly softer and can feel comforting and heritage to create a charming look”.

When it comes to lighting within a space, what advice do you have when choosing paint colours?

“Whether you have a north or south-facing room, lots of natural light or a darker space, lighting plays such a key role with colour. It’s important to try COAT peel and stick swatches to really get a feel for how the colour will live around the room, just move them around and then recycle when you’re done!”

What tips can you give to people when pairing feature tiles, like Wildflower Rose, with paint?

“It’s really important to bring the other materials you have in the room into the equation and decide whether you want a soft natural colour or something bolder. Once you have this starting point you can then boil it down to a few shades picking out colour direction from your tiles and other inspiration before trying it in the space. It’s important to see it in the light of your room. COAT peel and stick swatches are ideal for this as you can move them around and try them out with your tile samples and furniture.”

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