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Hexham is a pretty star design with a contemporary feel.

Blenheim 5-Colour

Blenheim is an authentic and popular design that lends itself perfectly to classic and contemporary colourways alike. Shown here in Red, Buff, Green and White with hand-crafted Livingstone decorated tiles. This traditional colourway creates a timeless look.

Simple Border 2

Simple but oh-so-effective, this border creates a perfect frame for more complex patterns.

Simple Border 3

Although this border is called "simple", it has an important role in framing and supporting a repeating pattern.

Simple Border 4

Featuring our Telford border, this versatile scrolling rope design pairs perfectly with complex and simple patterns alike.

Simple Border 5

Ideal for framing smaller areas, add the perfect finishing touch with this narrow border.

Simple Border 6

Comprised of diamonds, this simple border pairs beautifully with our diamond-based patterns.

Blake Black and Dover White

Blake is a simple border created from rectangles and squares. Pair with our woven effect Lincoln pattern for a striking monochrome scheme.

Burns Black and Dover White

Pair our Burns border with St Andrews for a lengthening optical effect, making a path or hallway appear longer than it is.

Set Descending Direction

Showing 49-72 of 560

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